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Driving is an essential task that contributes to health through social engagement, the ability to work, participate in essential daily activities, and fully enjoy leisure activities. Disability, injury, illness, and even aging can interfere with operating a motor vehicle and curb your independence. Whether you need to regain previous driving skill or develop the ability to drive for the first time, we can help you get there.

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Regardless of age or disability, Therapeutic Mobility Services is key to your independence with community mobility and driving.


Inexperienced drivers are challenged with learning the complex task of driving including precise vehicle control, rapid visual processing, understanding driving laws, anticipating the actions of others, and making quick decisions. Those with special needs require more time, expert instruction, and often compensatory strategies to fully achieve fit driving potential. Let us help you prepare for your future as a safe driver.  

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An injury can result in physical, cognitive, or visual changes that impact your ability to drive. Drivers must respond quickly and reliably to operate a motor vehicle safely. Difficulty with independent entry and mobility equipment transport requires expert knowledge and specialized training. Let us help you integrate the adaptive driving technology necessary for safe and competent return to driving.


Driving requires a graduated approach to meet your changing needs with a progressive condition. It is important to anticipate those changes and realize how they may impact your ability to continue to drive safely. Let us help you choose the right equipment, provide expert training and strategies necessary for long-term success with your investment in your driving future.

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Driving is a complex task requiring rapid visual processing and quick and precise reactions. 90% of the information needed while driving is gained through our vision system.   

Select mild to moderate vision conditions may still permit you to drive safely given expert training with assistive technology or adaptive devices. Let our highly trained staff with expertise in low vision solutions, including specialized training with bioptic lenses, help you meet your driving goals.


Driving is an essential means of staying connected with those important to you. Physical, visual, behavioral, or cognitive changes can impact your ability to drive. Because driving impacts individual safety, and the safety of others, it is important to take stock of your driving skills and act when changes occur. Let us help you assess those changes and make informed and compassionate decisions about your driving health and wellness through expert comprehensive evaluation.

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