Success at work is dependent upon many human and environmental factors that can be negatively impacted by disability due to injury, illness, and the normal aging process. Individuals with work-related challenges can benefit from vocational support through evaluation and advocacy for reasonable accommodations to bridge barriers to productivity and promote success in the workplace. 

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Workplace/Ergonomic Evaluation

Employee performance and productivity have a direct relationship between person and environment. Disability can pose physical access barriers, and pain management challenges that can be addressed through applying ergonomic principals and accommodative measures to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity. We have the expertise to analyze your workspace and make recommendations to make you love doing your job again.

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Functional Work Capacity Evaluation

Employment success relies on many factors including compatibility between the person and the job. A FWCE is an evaluation that collects data including past job experience and job satisfaction, measures physical skills like strength and ability to perform physical tasks, fine motor skills, balance and fall risk, and pain  management. Skilled analysis of collected data and application for essential functions of specific jobs produces targeted predictions for best job-person fit. Let us help you avoid a failed job placement due to mismatch in skills and capabilities, and support job satisfaction and find the job you were meant to do.


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